Nerve Smart Systems develop innovative solutions for the electric vehicle market. We offer battery high power chargers, battery storage solutions, micro grids and a range of products for ecars, emotorcycles, eboats and basically any other type that runs on electricity.

Nerve Smart Systems work to create solutions for electric vehicles, esuper motorcycles, autonomous vehicles, charging stations, micro grid systems and other associated areas.

It is our vision to make trans-
portation, vehicles, charging, infrastructure etc smarter thus preparing society for the future while being part of it.

Batteries are the spine of tomorrows infrastructure. We deliver the solutions.


CleanCharge represent todays new intelligent and open access EV chargers with direct payment solutions as well as energy storage technologies and micro-grid solutions.

We have a range of combined energy solutions with energy storage batteries, capacity-controlled charging, solar cell management and also energy management in buildings.

We also offer business models for B2B or B2G customers, who wish to offer charging for their customers.

Our charging offerings combine simple solutions with digital access models for charging without the need for a card or user subscriptions.


We use the unique tool HOP to combine and analyze all relevant hard and soft data and give you concrete prioritized lists of how and where you can make more money on your operations.

Our vision is to provide decision making tools that use complex data analysis to optimize any process.